Would You Know What To Do? Tips For Witnessing An Accident

As a driver, you’ve probably driven past the scene of an accident at some point. You may have even stopped to ask if anyone needed any help.

But what is you were the first person to arrive on the scene; would you know what to do?

Picture taken of a Seat car crash that took place on Seaton Road, next to the old army dump at Broughton Moor

Remain Calm

Although it’s easier said than done, it’s essential that you remain calm after witnessing an accident. Panicking or rushing out of your own car to help without thinking could actually result in another accident – something you definitely don’t want to happen.

You should find somewhere safe to park or pull off the road – leave your hazard lights on if you have to pull up somewhere that may be an obstruction.

Safety First

Don’t just approach a vehicle that is on fire/looks like it might be about to burst into flames. You shouldn’t attempt to move anyone who looks like they are badly injured – unless you are later told to do so. You could be responsible for further injuring them! Just make sure they are comfortable.

Car after accident (crash) on the side of the road. Tottaly damaged. Wrecked car

Check for Injuries

When approaching a road accident, the most important thing is to check if everyone is okay. Is anyone badly injured? Remember that someone who is screaming loudly might not be as injured as the person who is lying there silently. Do you have first aid training? If not, does anyone else who is at the scene? Remember the ABC – airways, breathing and circulation. You should also try to limit any bleeding by adding pressure to wounds.

Call for Help

Basic first aid can be carried out whilst you ring 999 for help. Let the emergency services know the extent of the injuries – you may be required to help there and then. They will want to know the exact location of the accident – something that may be hard if you’re on the motorway.

You should remain at the scene until the police have arrived and taken your witness statement.

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