Wet & Windy Weather: How This Time of Year Affects Drivers

Though summer is long gone, the winter hasn’t even got started yet. From when the clocks go back in late October, drivers will notice a huge difference not only in the wet and windy weather conditions in which they have to drive in, but also the darkness of the commute and the difference in the road conditions.

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It is in these conditions that road accidents can easily happen and, if you are involved in one in any way, then employing the services of a personal injury lawyer ensures that you don’t lose out on wages for missed work, or are compensated for any damages. AYB Law are specialists in road accident claims, and are here to help if the weather gets the better of you, either directly or indirectly. Let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls.

Rain and Wind

Wet, windy weather can cause serious danger to drivers. Wind can be particularly dangerous as trees and debris can quickly block the road, or can fall into your way when driving. Likewise, wet weather can allow your car to skid out or slide where it would once be firm, so utmost care must be taken in these conditions – both by ensuring that your car has suitable tires and that you listen to weather updates and warnings as a matter of course.


Though daylight savings are put in place to combat darkness on a morning commute or school run during the autumn, the evening also has dangers of its own. After a long, stressful day at work, drivers the country over are anxious to return home, and may drive carelessly as a result. This, combined with dark conditions that they many not be acclimatised to, can cause significant danger, and rural drivers need to be especially careful of others.

Rain through the window of a car on a motorway


Cold can cause cars to behave erratically, or not start at all in some instances. Likewise, a drop in temperatures may lead to the formation of black ice on roads, which may not have been gritted in the morning by the local authority. Driving slowly and carefully can significantly reduce the danger here, but others may not be as considerate, leading to easy mistakes and unexpected driving issues.

The conditions at this time of year can cause problems for anyone, but if you’ve suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, then contact us today and we can talk you through your options.