Top Tips: Dealing With Bad Drivers on the Road

How many times have you complained about a bad driver on the road? Despite everyone legally passing their driving test, there are still an awful lot of people on the road who just don’t know how to drive safely.

Unfortunately, it’s become a lot more common to find yourself cursing another driver for cutting you up, driving too slow or ignoring road signs. As well as being annoying, a bad driver can take your attention away from the road, which could potentially cause an accident.
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Avoid getting distracted by someone driving dangerously – follow our top tips.

Remain Calm

The worst thing you can do when dealing with a bad driver is to get angry. It’s understandably frustrating when attempting to judge the behaviour of an erratic driver but it’s not worth getting upset or angry. Whilst it might be tempting to try outdo the driver who just rudely overtook you or honk your horn at the one driving too slow in front, it’s much better to carry on driving calmly and as normal.

Don’t Get Too Close

The annoying thing about a bad driver is that you can never predict what they are going to do. This unpredictable driving can actually be dangerous – what if they suddenly brake in front of you? The best thing to do is avoid getting too close to a driver that seems to be driving unpredictably. If they get up too close to you, wait until it is safe and then let them pass you.

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Stay Alert

Staying alert on the road is extremely important at any time when driving but even more so when dealing with bad drivers. Whilst you can’t stop them from driving dangerously, you are in charge of your own actions. Remain focused at all times so that you’re fully ready for anything that could happen. If they suddenly stop in front of you or pull into your lane, you’ll be ready to take action ASAP.

Pull Over Safely

If you’re really concerned about someone’s driving on the road, we suggest that you find a safe place to stop and pull over. You can wait until the person passes you on the road and then go on your way, or if really worried about their driving, take their car details and report them to the police. Reporting them could prevent an accident from taking place.

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Occasionally these bad drivers can cause serious accidents, to themselves or to someone else on the road.

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