The Morning After: Advice on Driving The Day After Drinking Alcohol

Did you know that you could be getting into your car over the drink drive limit without even realising? Despite the fact that you’ve been to bed for a couple of hours and haven’t touched a drink since the night before?

A lot of people underestimate the amount of time that alcohol can stay in your system after a heavy night of drinking. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a heavy night of drinking. One bottle of wine can take up to 10 hours to fully remove itself from your system. This is the reason for why so many people who would never dream of drinking and then driving, find themselves driving unknowingly whilst over the legal limit.

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Back in 2011, The Association of Chief Police Officers highlighted the fact that more breath tests were failed during the hours of 6am-11am. This only serves to emphasise the point that the effects and dangers of drink driving are still very much present the morning after.

Can You Effectively Sleep Off The Alcohol?

Simply going to bed before getting behind the wheel isn’t an easy way to remove the alcohol from your system. It all depends on how much time has passed since you had your last drink. How much alcohol you have left in your blood generally depends on three different factors. These include:

  • The amount you were drinking
  • How long you was drinking for
  • The amount of time it takes for your body to get rid of it

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However, there are lots of other factors that can determine the rate it takes to leave your blood. These are:

  • Your size
  • Your weight
  • Your gender
  • How much food you’ve eaten
  • Your metabolism

There is nothing you can do to speed up the process. Having a long shower or countless cups of coffee won’t help.

If you know that you have to be driving somewhere the next day, especially if it involves driving in the morning, you simply shouldn’t drink. It’s not worth the risk.

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