The Hidden Dangers of Driving in Summer

Most people are fully aware of the dangers of driving in the winter. Heavy rain, dark evenings and icy roads means limited visibility and a greater likelihood of an accident taking place.

However, that doesn’t mean that summer doesn’t come with its own issues on the road. In fact, some people think that summer driving actually proposes a lot more dangers than any other time of the year.

Car on asphalt road on summer day at park

It’s important to remain alert whenever you’re out and about on the road. Stay safe this summer by following our expert summer driving tips.

Increased Number of Cyclists & Pedestrians

Summer often means that more cyclists and pedestrians are going to be out and about, as it’s the best time to take advantage of the weather. Cyclists especially are excited to get back on the road after a long wet and windy winter! This means that drivers need to be extremely aware of everything that is going on around them. Be prepared for cyclists and pedestrians to make sudden movements that could take you by surprise.

Extra Traffic

The roads always seem to be extra busy during the summer months, especially during the school holidays. This is because families will be going on days trips, attempting to keep their children entertained and away from their computer games. Summer is also a time for holidays, so roads become more congested as people attempt to get to their destination on time. Try and remain calm – don’t let the traffic make you angry. The main thing to remember is to be patient!

Blur shot of urban rush hour scene with multiple cars in a traffic congestion

 Temptation to Drive Under the Influence

BBQs. Weddings. Christenings. These type of occasions sometimes mean drinking – a lot of drinking. Summer is the only time where daytime drinking becomes okay (well, apart from when on holiday). However, this also then increases the chances of someone getting into their car after consuming one too many. If you’ve been at a party and enjoyed having a drink, make sure you leave your car behind and take a taxi home!

Tyre Problems

Tyre problems are common during the summer months due to the rising temperatures. The weather causes the air in the tyres to expand – which can lead to a complete blowout if they are already worn out. This means that you should inspect them on a regular basis to make sure that yours are still in good condition. If they need changing – get it done ASAP! A tyre blowout can actually lead to a serious road traffic accident, especially if it happens on a busy road!

mechanic changing a wheel of a modern car  in a workshop

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