The Global Problem of Hit and Run

Here at AYB Law, we talk a lot about the problem of hit and run accidents in the UK, and also the consequences of these sad occurrences. However, in focusing upon the UK – a quite natural bias, considering our location – we sometimes risk losing the global perspective that shows that hit and run is a problem of truly international proportions, and many other countries are experiencing just the same problems as we are.


Hit and Run in California

In the recent news, one prominent case has arisen concerning a hit and run accident in California. According to the BBC, the tragic happening took place at Halloween, and left two 13 year-old twins and their friend dead. The incident unfolded in the early hours of Halloween evening, and brought an abrupt end to what should have been an enjoyable time of costumed trick-or-treating.

Watched by a crowd of around 200 people, the efforts of paramedics were unable to save the children in question, but as usual in these situations it was the actions of the vehicle driver that remain the focus of attention. The SUV that struck the three girls failed to stop after the accident, choosing instead to flee the scene. Police later found the SUV abandoned in the immediate vicinity, and a substantial initiative to find the two occupants of the SUV was soon underway.

Road Casualties at Halloween

However, this was by no means an isolated incident, as another road accident concerning trick-or-treaters was also reported in Washington State. Columbian police related how a car ‘jumped the kerb’ and severely injured two 7 year-old girls and a 20 year-old woman. Elsewhere in the USA, New York State saw more injuries and fatalities from road accidents, so it’s fair to say that this year’s Halloween was tinged with sorrow for many people.

The big difference with these latter cases, as opposed to the aforementioned California incident, was that the drivers of the vehicles in question remained at the scenes of the accidents, and have chosen to cooperate with the police. The situations may still be hugely distressing for those involved, but the added stigma of hit and run is therefore not present, and when you are trying to come to terms with an upsetting situation, every blessing, however small, is a welcome one.

Why is Hit and Run Different?

Cases of hit and run are even more traumatic than more ‘ordinary’ road accidents because of the added psychological element. Even if the victim of a hit and run survives their ordeal, being abandoned at the scene often takes as long, if not even longer, to come to terms with as the injuries. Sometimes, there are also fears that justice may not be served. If the perpetrator doesn’t come forward, how can anything be resolved?

Here at AYB Law, we’re highly experienced when it comes to dealing with hit and run claims in the UK, and we can fully appreciate that anyone who has been involved in such an accident, wherever they may be, will want to see justice delivered. We can tell you that a measure of financial compensation is always on offer within such situations – as it is in cases where an uninsured driver is involved – and our experienced solicitors are on hand to handle cases on our home turf.

Of course, people are sometimes reticent to pursue a claim because they’re worried about losing out in the event that the claim proves to be unsuccessful, and that’s exactly why we operate strictly according to a no-win, no-fee policy. This safeguard allows you to place a claim with total confidence. If you’d like to find out more, contact us now by calling 01772 250605 or 0800 0443 49 today.