Strange & Unusual Claims From Around The World (Part 2)

The term ‘compensation culture’ is seen as a modern phenomenon, but people have been making claims for many centuries now. Many are entirely justified, but a few are just plain strange. In our previous blog, we looked at a few of those strange and unusual claims, but there are plenty more that are just as odd.

Blind Man’s Buff

This game has been traced back to around 500 B.C. in China, as far back as the late Zhou Dynasty and the Han Dynasty. In the UK, the game is known to have been played since during the Tudor period, with references to Henry VIII’s courtiers playing it. Still, this long history doesn’t make it a particularly safe game to play; in 1878, a grocer from Lancashire was playing Blind Man’s Buff when he slipped and fell. He was attributed £15, which in today’s money is £724.

Blown Away

A gale is a strong wind, defined by the U.S. National Weather Service as 63-87 km/h. The wind speed puts gales at around an 8 or 9 in the Beaufort Wind Scale. Wind at this speed can break twigs and branches from trees or slightly damage buildings. Waves can be moderately large or up to 6 metres. In 1886, an artist in Swansea was blown down by a gale of wind, and £30 was paid in compensation, which in modern money would be £1,796. Who exactly the artist claimed compensation from is somewhat unclear!

God’s Breach of Contract

In 2005, a Romanian killer Pavel Mircea tried to sue God for breach of contract. He claimed God was supposed to protect him from all evils and instead gave him to Satan, which went against the deal made at his baptism.

The 40 year old serving a 20 year old sentence for murder claimed that God accepted his prayers and didn’t provide any service in return. As expected, the judges rejected the case, saying God isn’t a person in the eyes of the law and He doesn’t have a legal address to be served with papers.

Haunted House

Disneyland is supposed to be a magical place where you let go of all of your worries and have fun. Not everyone experiences this, however; a woman in 1998 tried to sue Disney for terrible psychological trauma after experiencing the Haunted House. The case was dismissed and she wasn’t awarded any compensation.

Whilst these claims are entertaining to read about, most compensation claims are anything but; if you have experienced an injury that wasn’t your fault, trying to get the compensation you deserve can be a worrying process.

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