New Year Driving Resolutions: Became a Better Driver in 2016

As personal injury lawyers who specialise in hit and run compensation claims, we have witnessed the devastating consequences of bad driving. Road traffic accidents are traumatic but they are even worse when caused by bad or reckless driving.

We believe that the number of accidents on the road could be significantly lowered if people just learnt how to drive safely. Everyone has their bad habits when it comes to driving – but what happens when these habits seriously injure or take the life of someone?

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No matter how good you think you are behind the wheel, there is always room for some improvement. Here are some ideas of driving resolutions to make this year to improve your driving and stay safe on the road.

Always Fasten Your Seatbelt

There are still plenty of people who don’t make fastening their seatbelt a priority when getting into their car. It should be one of the very first things that you do – definitely before setting off. If you’re someone who doesn’t always remember to put their seatbelt on, we suggest putting this on top of your resolution list. It’s extremely dangerous not to wear one, especially of you find yourself in an accident.

Book an Eye Test

Obviously this one doesn’t apply to everyone. If you have perfect eyesight or you already wear glasses when you drive – you can skip this one. However, if you’ve recently found yourself squinting to see road signs or licence plates, then it might be time to book that much needed eye appointment and get them sorted. Bad eyesight could cause some serious issues – you could seriously injure yourself or someone else.

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Stick to the Speed Limits

All drivers should stick to the speed limits clearly outlined for a road. This doesn’t just mean going too fast, going too slow could actually cause an accident too. You should go at a safe and comfortable speed – either at or just below the limit given.

Switch your Phone Off

Either put your phone away or switch it off. Using your phone when driving causes thousands of accidents every year. It takes away your concentration so that you’re not focusing on the road. This can lead to accidents that could prove fatal for you or someone else.


If you have recently been involved in an accident on the road that wasn’t your fault, we advise you to get help when it comes to claiming compensation.

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