MyLicence System Targets Insurance Fraud

Combating motor insurance fraud is a big thing in today’s world. There are plenty of ways to do it, but new and more innovative solutions are always being debated. Obviously, we have a massive advantage in the modern world when compared to bygone days, as we’re able to call upon a great deal of technology to help identify uninsured drivers, and that’s exactly what a brand new system named ‘MyLicence’ has been developed to do.


How Does MyLicence Work?

The Motor Insurance Bureau was set up to both crack down upon uninsured driving and compensate those who had been wronged by such a driver, and so it should come as no real surprise to find that they’ve had a large hand in the creation of MyLicence. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is the other partner in this collaboration, and the result is a data-sharing service that will, in theory, be able to make a huge difference when trying to prevent fraud.

According to The Courier, the idea of this data-sharing service is that the insurance industry will be able to access information relating to a driver’s records far more readily than they could do at present. Indeed, this is just one part in an ongoing plan to digitalise as much insurance data as possible to make a difference to the problem of insurance fraud. Clearly, such a step will be a welcome one, as, at present, one quarter of all motorists fail to make their driving records known.

Combating Lack of Car Insurance

It’s possible that some genuinely honest motorists may object to the rigid efforts that are being imposed to dissuade insurance fraud, as such restrictions and ‘red tape’ can make ordinary life difficult, but the Transport Minister, Claire Perry, has reassured such individuals that they have nothing to fear. Perry states that “MyLicence is good news for motorists and good news for the motor insurance industry’, pointing out the fact that insurance premiums should actually begin to reduce as a result of the more accurate information.

Only time will tell whether this new way of doing things will make a big difference to the problem of regulating car insurance, but here at AYB Law we’re already doing our bit by allowing the wronged parties to pursue MIB claims to gain a measure of just compensation. We’ve been carrying out such processes for many years, and have a proven track record for success, so contact us now by calling 001772 250605 or 0800 0443 495 to find out more.