MIB Letters Pass the 2 Million Mark

At AYB Law, we deal with an awful lot of MIB claims on a weekly basis, and that’s because the problem of uninsured drivers is such a prominent one. The Motor Insurer’s Bureau has been working to crack down upon the numbers of uninsured vehicles for a very long time, but ever since a change of rules three years ago they have been especially active. So active, in fact, that they have recently passed the 2 million mark in terms of the letters that have been sent out to warn uninsured drivers.


When Does a Vehicle Need Insuring?

Unless a vehicle has been officially declared as ‘off the road’, there is a legal requirement for it to be insured. Even if a vehicle is sat on a drive, that is no excuse (unless it has been cleared as ‘off the road’). People who neglect to insure their vehicles according to this requirement are the reason why the Motor Insurer’s Bureau sends out around 60,000 warning letters on a monthly basis, and around a third of these letters result in some sort of fixed fine being levelled at the guilty party.

Why the Penalties are so Severe

According to This is Money, the possibility also exists for uninsured vehicles to be clamped, seized or destroyed, and at this point around 6,000 people are prosecuted each month. That’s a huge number of people, to say the least, and goes some way towards showing that the problem of uninsured drivers is really being tackled in earnest. The new and more rigorous measures against uninsured drivers were introduced to combat the fact that some 130 people are killed by such drivers every year, along with several thousand injured, but they haven’t solved the problem completely.

Uninsured Driving – An Unsolved Problem

Many drivers continue to attempt to avoid paying insurance for various reasons. Appeals based upon infrequent, seasonal and extremely localised usage are all fairly common, but they are unlikely to prove very effective. The fact is that insurance is in place for a reason, and indeed it only needs to be as high as it is because of problems like uninsured driving. Efforts to dodge insuring a vehicle are therefore going to be in vain, and rightly so, as protection needs to be in place for when accidents occur.

However, rest assured that justice can be served even in cases where the perpetrator in an accident has no insurance, as the team at AYB Law has years of experience when it comes to successfully dealing with MIB claims. If you’ve been involved in such an accident, then we can help, so call us now on 001772 250605, 0800 0443 495 fill out our online contact form to find out more.