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Each year, thousands of people file MIB claims as they are injured on the UK’s roads in accidents involving uninsured or untraced drivers. Whilst compensation can’t be pursued in the usual way for such accidents, you can make MIB compensation claims to receive a level of recompense.
MIB Claims and Compensation Assistance

What Are MIB Claims?

Normally, when you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, you can make an informed claim against the responsible party’s vehicle insurance. However, in the case of uninsured drivers, or in hit and run claims where the driver is not identified, you can’t do this. Instead, you can claim compensation through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau or MIB.

Founded by a group of leading insurers, the MIB aims to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the roads, and to provide specialist assistance to those injured in accidents where uninsured or untraceable vehicles are involved. This can involve the MIB delivering a compensation payment as though they were the insurer.

These claims are often complex as there is no way to check the vehicle of the other party. This may mean prolonged investigations into the submitted claim and determining the vehicles involved, with a range of strict rules and time limits which must be adhered to. With the advice and services of a specialist legal solicitor, the complexity of claiming compensation can be simplified to make the process easy to understand and navigate.

Contact AYB Law for Expert Assistance with MIB Compensation Claims

At AYB Law, we have years of experience in handling and remaining informed about MIB compensation claims, with a proven track record of achieving the compensation that our clients deserve.

We always aim to treat you as an individual; all claims made with our assistance are handled sensitively and efficiently. Because we put our clients first at all times, our MIB claims service is offered on a no win, no fee basis. Our expert personal injury lawyers are confident that they will be able to gain the compensation you deserve, but this no win, no fee policy means that you will not be charged for the work we conduct in the unlikely case that your case is lost. AYB Law have many years of experience when dealing with the MIB and have assisted many clients to a fair award of compensation from them.

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