How Hit and Run Investigations Work

A hit and run accident is when the person responsible for causing or contributing to the accident doesn’t stop – they simply drive off without leaving behind any information. This is so they can avoid any consequences of the accident.

Thousand of hit and runs take place every year in the UK, leaving behind physical and emotional injuries for those involved. For a lot of people, there is a lot of confusion about their rights as the innocent party; what happens when the other party flees the scene?

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This blog will take you through the basics of a hit and run claim, including looking at how the investigation is carried out and the involvement of the MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau).

Collecting Information

As a victim of a hit and run, the success of the claim will very much depend on the information that you provide at the beginning of the investigation.

This includes providing as much detail as you can on the model, make and license plate of the car. It also means any details you can provide about the driver of the other car, as well as contact details of any possible witnesses to the accident. You should also write down the time and location of the accident. Pictures would also be very welcome!

The information you provide will increase the chance of catching the other driver AND improve the chances of getting a successful claim.

You also need to call the police and your insurance company!

Hire a Legal Representative to Assist With Your Claim

It’s a good idea to hire a legal representative to act on your behalf as they will have the knowledge needed to help you win your case. It’s a good idea to get this done as soon as possible after you’ve been involved in an accident.

Your personal injury solicitor should have expertise in dealing with road traffic accidents, especially when it comes to hit and run accidents. You want them to minimise the disruption to your everyday life during the investigation – it’s their job to minimise the stress. They will try hard to get the maximum compensation for the accident!

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Who Will Pay Your Hit & Run Claim?

The payout of the hit and run claim will all depend on whether the driver responsible for the accident can be traced or not. If they are then your claim can be carried out as normal through their insurance company. If they don’t have valid insurance, you may have to make your claim through the MIB Uninsured Driver Scheme.

If the police don’t manage to trace the driver at all, you will have to approach the MIB directly for help. These are the organisation that deals with individuals who have been involved in an accident cause by an uninsured or untraced driver. In the case of this happening, your solicitor may be able to act on your behalf.

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