Cycling Tips to Stay Safe on the Road This Winter

As a cyclist, you might find winter presents a challenge due to slippery roads and decreased visibility. Staying safe in the road during winter is more than eating properly to have energy for the journey. Ensuring you reduce the risk of a hit and run accident is essential.

Being prepared for any eventuality of winter will give you a safer journey on the road.


Wear Warm Clothes

Winter brings very cold weather that can be dangerous to your health, and your clothing choices need to reflect on this. A windproof layer will help to keep your temperature stable and avoid hypothermia from setting in.

Wearing high visibility clothing also aids you to be properly seen when cycling on the road. It’s vital to warm others on the road of your presence to avoid serious accidents, and reflective clothing is preferable for night conditions when light shines on it. On the other hand, bright or fluorescent clothes stand out during ambient light to make you more visible.


Be Aware of Your Route

The treacherous conditions of winter bring more risks to any cycler, even experienced ones. It’s best to keep to known roads, where you know how the traffic flows, than to chance finding unexpected obstacles on your way. Getting a puncture on your bicycle tires in the middle of nowhere isn’t fun! Routes that are well-trodden are also less likely to have ice, which can cause you to slip and fall. Be sure to stick to routes you know are safe.


Don’t Forget Lights

When cycling, items such as lights and high visibility clothing are essential in order to help protect you. In the UK, you’re legally required to properly fit your bicycle with lights so you can be easily seen at night.

During winter, it’s normal to have many days of fog, rain, and sleet, and the shorter days can creep up on you. Being prepared with well-charged lights for any eventuality will ensure your safety on the road when the day is darker.

Regular maintenance of your bicycle is also needed to ensure every component is clean and in proper working condition. Mudguards and other winter gear is a great way of minimising the impact of the terrain on your bicycle.


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