Compensation Calculator

Drag your mouse pointer on an area of the body to
find out how much
compensation you could
expect for your injury.


Up to £ 110,000.
Minor injury up to £ 8,000.


Up to £ 85,000.
Minor injury up to £ 12,000.


Up to £ 130,000.
Minor injury up to £ 4,000.


Up to £ 70,000.
Minor injury up to £ 8,000.


This is an estimate of the likely level of compensation an individual might be entitled to if their claim succeeds. Each claim is unique, and the success of your potential claim and level of any compensation depend on numerous factors. Our solicitors will be happy to advise you in more detail about your own claim, but the following figures are intended to be a guideline only and not an indication of the strength and value of your individual claim.