Claiming Whilst Injured: What to Do

When in an accident, injuries can sometimes be severe. If you are injured or if a family member has been in a serious accident, you might find that you will have to make a claim while you are still recovering, and this can make the process more complex and stressful. There are a few ways of making a claim whilst injured that won’t jeopardise your right to compensation.

Claiming for Someone Else

If you are unable to make a claim, it’s possible to have someone else act on your behalf. Your case will be analysed closely, including photos of the accident site and your medical records. Experts will work with your family members, parents or a partner, to ensure that your claim is swiftly and properly handled.

These claims are common with children, where parents will act on their children’s behalf, or when, sadly, the accident proved fatal and the victim’s family will make a claim on their loved one’s behalf. If you happen to have suffered a serious injury that left you incapacitated, your family can claim on your behalf.

3 Year Time Limit

Personal injury claims are under strict time limits. The standard limitation period to bring an accident claim for compensation, whether it is a slip, a fall, a car accident, a work accident, or a trip, is three years. Unfortunately, if the claim hasn’t started within that period of time, it will become time-barred or statute barred, which will prevent you from claiming your compensation.

However, if you are assaulted, there is only a two year limit starting from the date of the incident to start a claim. Missing the time limit will mean that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency (C.I.C.A.) might not be willing to consider your application. You can, nevertheless, try to ask for the matter to be considered as soon as possible.

Online Claim

An alternative way is to claim online. Here at AYB LAW Solicitors we know that online forms can be more convenient, especially if you are recovering from a serious injury. Making a claim through our website is easy and quick.

You simply start by filling in your contact details, like your name, your address, your email, and your phone number. All you have to do next is tell us what kind of accident you had (road accident, work accident, or a hit a run, for example), and our personal injury lawyers will get in touch with you by phone. Within 24 hours, generally, we telephone you to discuss your claim further.

If you have been in a serious accident, or if you know someone who is unable to make a claim, you can get in touch with us on 0800 0443 495 or 01772 250605, and our expert lawyers will answer any query you might have.