Christmas Safety Tips

There’s a higher chance for workplace accidents to occur during winter, given the adverse weather conditions this season brings. And with Christmas almost here, a new set of hazards present themselves at work as well.

Here at AYB Law we believe it’s important to remain safe all-year around, but especially during this festive season – after all, no one wants to have an accident and suffer an injury on Christmas!


Christmas Decorations

Decorating the workplace for the holiday season is always a great idea, as it looks visually appealing and boosts employees’ morale. However, it’s important to take potential safety hazards into consideration. One of these is the risk of fire that Christmas lights bring. It’s imperative that your workplace chooses the right types of lights and avoid open flames.

The wires of the lights should never be pierced when put in place, whether with staples or nails, for instance, as it can present an electric hazard and, therefore, a fire risk. If there are any fireplaces in use, it’s important to make sure there’s nothing flammable nearby.

It’s also vital to ensure that all decorations are placed in the appropriate places, so that there’s no risk of tripping and falling, or of anything falling on you. Poor lighting should also be avoided, as it can contribute to accidents and injuries at work as well.


Party Safely

Many workplaces organise a Christmas party for their employees. If you’re attending one at the office this year, there are certain considerations that should be made. For instance, if alcohol is involved, you might not want to overdrink – after all, while employers are responsible for health and safety in the workplace, you also have a certain degree of responsibility!

Weather Conditions

The weather doesn’t get better just because it’s Christmas… on the contrary, adverse weather conditions often occur during this festive season, bringing with it a world of hazards. Anything that might spill into your workplace, like snow and melted ice, should be properly cleaned as soon as it happens, to avoid slips and falls.

The same goes for any leaves, dirt or stones dragged in as people walk into the workplace. In addition, if your clothes are wet, don’t place them near electric decorations, to avoid electric hazards.

There should also be transportation arrangements in place for everyone who shouldn’t drive, so as to avoid accidents. In regards to the food, employers need to ensure its safety. Allergies are often a concern, so all foods should have the appropriate information in order to avoid potential issues.


At AYB Law we wish you a happy and safe Christmas!

If anything should happen, however, we can help you deal with any workplace-related injuries that may occur during this period, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance!