Cycling Tips to Stay Safe on the Road This Winter

As a cyclist, you might find winter presents a challenge due to slippery roads and decreased visibility. Staying safe in the road during winter is more than eating properly to have energy for the journey. Ensuring you reduce the risk of a hit and run accident is essential.

Being prepared for any eventuality of winter will give you a safer journey on the road.

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How Hit and Run Investigations Work

A hit and run accident is when the person responsible for causing or contributing to the accident doesn’t stop – they simply drive off without leaving behind any information. This is so they can avoid any consequences of the accident.

Thousand of hit and runs take place every year in the UK, leaving behind physical and emotional injuries for those involved. For a lot of people, there is a lot of confusion about their rights as the innocent party; what happens when the other party flees the scene?

Stressed Driver Sitting At Roadside After Traffic Accident iStock_000030777122_Small

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Accident Claims: How Much Compensation Should You Get?

If you are in an accident that isn’t your fault, whether you were driving a car or were a pedestrian, you are entitled to compensation for any medical expenses you might have incurred from it. Road traffic accidents are very likely to happen, and as a result so are road accident claims.

Here at AYB Law we have a highly-trained team with expert knowledge in dealing with road traffic accident compensation claims, to ensure that you get the maximum compensation that your claim deserves.

Insurance claim form

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The Hit & Run

The sun is shining and the heat is beating through your windscreen window as you accelerate down the open country road on your commute to work. In the distance a car is indicating right out of a side road, but because you have right of way you keep pace. The car starts edging out, and you lightly touch your breaks as an automatic reflex.

You’re approaching closer and closer and the car continues to creep out and you can see a young driver glancing down to a phone in one hand. You slam on your brakes, but not in enough time for the car to react in time: BANG.

Driver Using Mobile Phone

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What To Do If You Are In a Cycling Accident

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable when out and about, especially when cycling on busy roads or in heavy traffic. They don’t have the same protective barrier as a car; therefore it’s far more likely that they will be seriously injured if an accident was to occur. Even the most experienced cyclists need to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

For a cyclist, there is probably nothing scarier than being involved in a road accident. If you’re the one on the bike, it’s important that you follow the appropriate steps so that you reduce the chances of being severely injured.

Close-up of a bicycle accident on the city street

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Strange & Unusual Claims From Around The World (Part 1)

As expert personal injury lawyers, we have years of experience in successfully dealing with accident at work, road accident and hit and run insurance claims. Our job is to help people receive the compensation they deserve after being involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Between the slips and falls at work and the car crashes on the road, you sometimes get some truly strange claims that can only been chalked up as being ‘really bad luck.’

Woman Reading Letter After Receiving Neck Injury
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Cycling Safety: What are the Dangers?

Cycling is a subject that always seems to start a heated discussion – with two very different opinions. A lot of drivers feel like cyclists are dangerous, blaming them for a lot of road accidents that occur. On the other side, a lot of cyclists believe that drivers don’t do enough to ensure their safety on the road – a place that they believe they have every right to be.

As personal injury lawyers who deal with hit and run claims  and road traffic accident claims regularly, we have seen the consequences of accidents that have happened to cyclists and because of cyclists.

Cycling - iStock_000050741874_Medium


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Top Causes of Driving Accidents

At AYB Law we pride ourselves on providing only the best and most comprehensive service when tackling your legal disputes; be that an accident at work or seeking hit and run compensation, our team of lawyers are here to work for you. With the weather making conditions more hazardous for drivers and the days getting shorter, we felt it apt to provide you with some information regarding some of the most common causes of car crashes so that you don’t become part of the statistic.

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What Causes Road Traffic Accidents?

Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed in road traffic accidents on UK roads. At AYB Law, we’re all too familiar with the consequences of such accidents; as we help many clients with hit and run claims to gain the compensation they deserve, we see first-hand how deeply it can impact victims and their families. We’d like nothing more than to see such accidents become a thing of the past, yet the same factors continue to cause accidents every year.

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What SHOULDN’T You Do After a Car Crash? Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

We’ve talked a lot about what to do if you’re ever involved in a car accident, giving you some professional and detailed advice on the correct steps to take if this happens. We’ve also covered the different factors that may be responsible for car crashes, for example drink driving, speaking on your phone or driving whilst tired.

However, what we haven’t really discussed is what you shouldn’t do after a car crash. We understand that they can be extremely scary and upsetting, but there are steps that you must follow legally. This means that any mistakes you make could have damaging consequences – even those made in the heat of the moment whilst panicking.

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