Slips and Falls at Work

Had a slip or fall at work? You’re not alone. In 2013/14, slips and trips were the most common cause of major injuries to employees, with falls from height the next most common.

While employers are required by law to protect the health and safety of their employees, unfortunately, such incidents do happen. Wherever you work, whether it’s an office or a construction site, you could fall victim to a trip or a fall. This guide outlines common causes of slips and falls, your employer’s responsibilities and how you can go about making a personal injury claim for an accident at work.

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Is Workplace Health and Safety My Responsibility?

Health and safety is a huge deal for every business, no matter what industry they’re in. It’s a well-known fact that employers have a legal responsibility to provide a healthy and safe work environment for their employees, and can incur huge fines if health and safety measures and training aren’t put into place or followed.

However, It’s not simply just the responsibility of the employer; the employee also has a degree of responsibility for their own health and safety in the workplace, too.

So, what responsibilities do employees have?

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Are You Eligible for an Accident at Work Claim?

No matter how many precautions are put in place to prevent accidents in the workplace, these accidents can, and do, happen all the time. Employers are legally responsible for the welfare and safety of their employees, as well as people who visit their premises. This means that businesses have to ensure that they meet health and safety guidelines, since a failure to do so can result in severe consequences. If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident at work, then, it’s important that you know whether or not you’re qualified to enter a claim.

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Preventing Workplace Accidents & Injuries

Health and safety statistics show that between 2014 and 2015, there was over 1.2 million people suffering from a work related illness or injury. There was around 27 million working days lost due to these illnesses and injuries.

Statistics also show us that 142 people work killed in this period as a direct consequence of a work related accident, whilst a staggering 611,000 employee injuries were recorded overall.

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Claiming Whilst Injured: What to Do

When in an accident, injuries can sometimes be severe. If you are injured or if a family member has been in a serious accident, you might find that you will have to make a claim while you are still recovering, and this can make the process more complex and stressful. There are a few ways of making a claim whilst injured that won’t jeopardise your right to compensation.

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The Most Common Construction Site Accidents

Everyone who works in the construction industry knows that it can be a dangerous job. With millions of people working in the industry throughout the country, it’s not surprising that accidents regularly occur. Considering the dangerous and hazardous environment that construction workers often find themselves working in, it’s also not surprising that some of these accidents can be both serious and fatal.

The construction industry has one of the highest injury rates of many working environments – especially those of a dangerous nature. The use of heavy machinery, as well as the likeliness of working at heights, all contributes to the accidents that take place every week.

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