Accidents at Work This Autumn

The workplace can become quite a hazardous place around the autumn. The weather has begun to change and with it brings the likelihood that you could experience an injury of some sort while doing your job. Here are three examples of how you can be hurt in the workplace just because it is a new season.

Rush Hour City Traffic

Wet floors

Throughout the year, the floors are mainly wet when they have just been cleaned or there has been a spillage. But around autumn it begins to rain a lot more – meaning people can bring water into the workplace via their shoes and umbrellas. If floors don’t have proper mats by the door, or there aren’t cleaning staff who are quick to react, then it is possible that some floors – especially entrances to buildings – can become slippery. The chance of falling on these floors increases dramatically if a ‘wet floor’ sign hasn’t been placed at the scene.

Traffic accidents

As the months turn colder and become wetter, more and more people will turn to driving to work instead of walking or using public transport. This can result in a dangerous environment if car parks aren’t properly managed and maintained. There are a variety of incidents that can occur in the car park, ranging from cars bumping into each other to people falling over potholes in the surface.

Operating technology

For months on end, technology like heating can be off over the summer. Around the autumn, staff will usually request that it is turned on. Any member of the workforce should not be expected to perform this task if it isn’t part of their job. Attempting to do such a job could result in electric shocks or – if the heating requires standing on a stair to turn on – injury through falling.

Remember to seek advice

If you have you been injured in work this autumn – in any way shape or form – then get in touch with AYB Law. AYB Law deals with personal injury claims and can help people receive accident compensation in just a matter of weeks.

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